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About Us

Thank you for checking out our website now that you’re here let me share something ABOUT US.

In 2006, I decided it was time to capitalize on a cool head and calm demeaner to facilitate qualified trades with customers thereby accomplishing a dependable outcome in commercial construction. Projects were simple and the office rotated between the cars’ center console, or a piece of lumber set up on a project site covered with paper plans. As the months went by projects became more extensive, larger budgets, involvedmultiple trades, and recurring customers. Today Portfolio Builders has grown to include Project Managers who oversee one or multiple projects, On Site Supervisor’s who are dedicated to regulatingthe dailytasks, plus a support office ofteam members specializing in accounting, legal, bookkeeping, project assistance, marketing or just contributing with a good solution.

Currently, we have achieved in Texas and 5 surrounding states as a General Contractor for both the PUBLIC and PRIVATE Sector. We are always thrilled to be a part of the creation process that results in schedules met, budgets maintained, and expectations exceeded!


Christian Frisch, Vice President &Cindy Frisch, President